• Image of And Do Good 30"x40" Original Painting
  • Image of And Do Good 30"x40" Original Painting
  • Image of And Do Good 30"x40" Original Painting

And Do Good
Spray Paint & Acrylic on (2) Canvases
30 x 40 inches pair
Nadia Janjua

If God does what is beautiful through creating human beings, then human beings have the obligation to do what is beautiful in their relationships with God, and everything and everyone else around them. The painting features Verse 28 from Chapter 77, “Do what is beautiful, as God has done what is beautiful to you.” (Sahih International translates this verse as “Do what is good, as God has done good to you.”) This painting is part of the "Let Me Show You Beautiful Things" painting series.

The series, “Let Me Show You Beautiful Things” includes seven abstract paintings that blend an array of colors, three different paint mediums, and Arabic & English text to convey messages of the call for beauty as expressed in the Islamic faith. When we do what is beautiful, it is a gain to our own souls to conform to our own deepest nature. As it states in the Holy Qu’ran (17:7), “If you do what is beautiful, you do what is beautiful to your own souls, and if you do what is ugly, it is to them likewise.” God made all things beautiful, and this, precisely, is the source of inspiration from which the painting series arises.


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* Purchase includes both 30x40 inch canvases